GCH Snap Dragon

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Sire: Kastdemur’s Next Expedition 86VE+
         SS: +*B Kastdemur’s LE Exacta 90EVE
         SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Next Exit 90+EEE
Dam:  CH Pruittville’s Magnolia 92EEEE
          DS: CH *B Pruittville’s Doctor Luke 91EEE
          DD: Pruittville’s Ivy 88VEVE

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National show wins: ~ 4th place 3 year old – 2010 

Snap Dragon is a lovely doe who has an excellent head with proper breed character and a neck that smoothly blends into her shoulders.  Her udder is properly attached with a far extending fore-udder.  She has excellent teat placement.   She is very level in the topline topline and that lovely level rump that passes down from her dam, Magnolia.    In fact, she reminds us of Magnolia in so many ways.  Like Magnolia, she has an easy going gentle nature and she is a milking powerhouse.   As a first freshener, she put the milk in the pail like a real dairy goat should, milking over 13 months.  In the 2009 shows, she consistently won her class and had 2 Grands and a BDIS.  The Spring shows 2010 found her just a week fresh but she still easily placed 1st in her classes in the 4 shows that we showed her, going Reserve twice behind her herdmate, Lantana. After Lantana won 3 shows, we pulled her for the last show and Snap Dragon was Grand in the 4th show.   Her dam, CH Pruittville’s Magnolia 92EEEE is one of our favorite does who has won many Best Doe In Show Awards.  Magnolia has also done well at the National Shows.  She was the 11th place 2 year old, 6th place 4 year old and 4th place Aged doe at 7 years old.  Please see Magnolia’s and the page for reference bucks for additional information.  Snap Dragon’s son Voyager is one of our herd sires.  We are so blessed to have this lovely doe in our herd. In 2013 Snap Dragon was entered into a milking competition  She milked a total of 13 pounds with 3.4 percent butterfat.   She easily won her milk star with a total of 22.3 points.  Unfortunately Snap Dragon is retired from the show ring due to stepping on a nail and then foundering as a result.   The founder causes her to walk painfully and spend a lot of time walking on her knees.  The appraiser did not take this into consideration and dropped her excellent score to a Very Good 89.    We hope to get a more fair appraisal of this beautiful doe at a later date.  The good news is that her situation is much improved and she continues to be an excellent milker and brood doe.