From the blog – HB 247 Louisiana Raw Milk Bill There is a bill that is going to come before the Agriculture committee here in Louisiana. Finally! Wow! It is a shame to me that we are having to ask for our freedoms back. There has been a long tradition of freedom where neighbors bartered with neighbors for basic needs. A neighbor might trade eggs or another commodity for milk or a farmer could sell what was produced on his farm to anybody who wanted it. These basic human freedoms are being denied in our state. HB 247 will allow for someone to come to your farm, inspect it for cleanliness and purchase milk at the farm site. This is a win–win for everybody. This will not compete with those who have completed government requirements to provide pasteurized milk to the public. They are able to market their product in stores and farmer’s market and by public advertising. Homesteaders under the provisions of HB 247 will not be allowed to do this. Those who want their milk will have to drive to their farm and get it. Besides this, people who want raw milk don’t want it pasteurized and it should be their freedom of choice to buy that milk without interference from the government and the homesteader who does this should not be treated as a criminal. For crying out loud, Americans should have the freedom of choice – this is America! Yes, I know there may be certain dangers with drinking raw milk that could be sited here just as there are certain dangers with eating raw spinach. Every year there are children die from swimming pools, even owning a gun can be dangerous to someone’s health but is that a reason for the government to interfere and deny us those basic rights to bear arms? New USDA regulations are forcing pecan farmers in America to either grow cattle or pecans as they cannot harvest pecans unless cattle has been removed from the grove for more than a year. Each year more and more of our freedoms are being taken away by a government who wants more control over our lives and has gradually stripped us from basic freedoms. I have often remarked, you might as well be pedaling dope in Louisiana as to sell raw milk from your farm so we don’t do it. However, laws in Louisiana allow people to chose to smoke cigarettes which has been the leading cause of lung cancer, but we can’t purchase raw milk and drinking it from a neighbor who is a farmer? Please join with us by promoting our Louisiana agriculture and our freedoms.

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