Reference Does The animals listed in the reference part of our site have been either sold or are deceased.


Appraisal Scores: 3-08 91EEVE  4-07  92EEEE

DOB 12/08/09
G6S normal

3X Senior Grand
10th place 3 year old at the 2013 National Show

risolvi operazioni binarie Pictured at appraisal July 2014

Poinsettia is definitely following in her mother’s footsteps, being a very tall, long and elegant much like her dam, Honeysuckle. Poinsettia begins with Excellence about the head.   She is very dairy doe who has loose, pliable skin and flatness of ribbing and a willingness to milk.   Her  long lean neck that smoothly blends into her shoulders and her top line is nice and level with a long rump.   She has a very nice attached mammary system that is high and wide in the rear and a smooth fore udder with nice  teat placement too!  We now have her littermate brother back in the herd, Pruittville’s EH Super Nitro 90VEE.    Please see Honeysuckles page under reference does for more information.

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G6S Normal by test 03-11 91VEEE Sire: Kastdemur’s Next Expedition 86VE+ SS: SG +*B Kastdemur’s LE Exacta SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Next Exit EX90   Dam: GCH Pruittville’s Pretty Posie 1*M 90VEEE DS: CH Easy Stream Mister Charm 88VEE DD: Pruittville’s Crimson Clover promiseside                 Promise is a beautiful doe and loves affection which easily makes her an herd favorite.   As a Junior doe,  Promise was the 1st place Junior Yearling at the 08 National Show.   She was less than 2 days fresh when she was appraised  as a yearling and that’s why she has only + in mammary.  We had faith in her and this year she appraised EX91VEEE.   As a yearling milker, she was always 1st and was 1 X Reserve Grand Champion.  She finished her Grand Champion in 2011 in excellent competition.   Her dam Posie was one of our Champion does who was 2X 8th place at the National show in her time. Her maternal sisters, CH Pruittville’s Nantucket 92EEEE and SGCH Pruittville’s Honeysuckle 92EEEE were in their turn, the second place 5-6 year old and 4 year old at the same National Show.  She is certainly living up her to her name as she has such a promising future in our herd both as a show doe and a milker.   In 2012 Promise was entered in the milking competition at Little Rock and earned her milk star.  She milked 13.2 pounds of milk, 4.02% butterfat and 3% protein.


Promise as a 2 year old


Promise 1st Place Junior Yearling at the National Show










nyheter forex GCH PRUITTVILLE’S HUCKBERRY FROST  4*M (click on the name to see complete pedigree) LA 91VEEE G6S NORMAL Sire: CH Price O The Field Royal Marcus 93EEE SS: CH Price O The Field Monarch 90EEE SD: SGCH Price O The Field Lady Regina 92EEEE 1998 National Reserve Champion and Best udder 2000 and 2001 Res. Best Udder. Dam: SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 3*M 92EEEE DS: GCH +*B Heatherwood’s Clovers Saint HES90 DD: GCH Pruittville’s E/A Strawberry 2*M 90VEEV DOB 3/16/04 National Show Wins: – 4th place 2 year old – 4th place 4 year old – 2nd udder frostadga08 Frost is very special to us with her sweet temperament.  She is very elegant with correct body structure throughout. She has a long lean neck that smoothly blends into the shoulders.  She is well balanced with openness of ribbing, upstanding in the front end with levelness throughout.  She oozes dairy character with nice sharp withers.  Her mammary system is held high and wide in the rear and extends well forward in the fore.  For this reason, Frost won Best udder awards as a first freshening two year old!  In my many years of goat keeping, I have never finished a first freshener or have a first freshener win Best Doe in Show because my does usually show best as mature does at four years of age.  Showing Frost has been a real pleasure.  We were delighted when she won the INBA Specialty show in Little Rock and then went on to place 4th with 2nd udder at the 2008 National Show!  You can’t imagine how proud we were for her to be chosen to come back into the ring and be milked out to compete for Reserve and Best Udder In Show.  In 2010 Frost had quads and one of them was dead.  This caused a uterine infection and she was not in condition to go to the National Show with us.  It was so disappointing to have to leave her at home.    Her kidding in 2011 and 2012 went smoothly and she was her same old self.   In May we took her to Little Rock and put in the milking competition.   Frost milked 10.4 pounds with 4.13% butterfat and 2.91% protein. Her sire is CH Price O The Field Royal Marcus 93EEE (son of SCGH Price O The Field Lady Regina) and her dam is our own beautiful SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 92EEEE.     Frost has a maternal sister CH Pruittville’s N/E Razzberry in our herd! Frost went to the Nationals as a 9 year old.  The trip was stressful for her and she didn’t make the milk we hoped!  However, it was a still a pleasure to “show off” an aged doe who is still productive and strong on her feet and legs!  Got to love that beautiful general appearance! SIRE: CH *B PRUITTVILLE’S DOCTOR LUKE 91EEE SS: PRICE O THE FIELD LUKE SD: GCH PRICE O THE FIELD DUTCH BELLE  HES 90   DAM: GCH PRUITTVILLE’S PRETTY POSIE 90 DS: CH EASY STREAM MISTER CHARM 88VEE DD: PRUITTVILLE’S CRIMSON CLOVER National Show placing 2nd place 4 year old honeysuckleadag08crop                 Honeysuckle is the dam of two of our herd sires,  CH Pruittville’s Apollo 91EEE and Pruittville’s E/H Super Nitro 90VEE.   She is also the dam of CH Pruittville’s Poinsettia 92EEEE.   A wonderful show and brood doe.   She will be terribly missed.   CH PRUITTVILLE’S MAGNOLIA 92EEEE (click on the name to see complete pedigree) DOB: 3/18/2001  G6S NORMAL magnoliaadga08 Sire: CH *B Pruittville’s Doctor Luke 91EEE SS: *B Price O The Field Luke DD:  GCH Price O The Field Dutch Belle HES90   Dam: Pruittville’s Ivy VG88VEVE DS: CH Easy Stream Mister Charm 88VEE DD: Pruittville’s Crimson Clover .: National show placings :. – 9th place Senior yearling – 11th place 2 year old – 6th place 5&6 year old – 4th place aged doe – 3rd place, 3rd udder at 9 years old   Magnolia is now a very aged doe and is retired but still a beauty in her own right,  still strong on her feet and legs.  Magnolia is my favorite of all the Doctor Luke daughters we have bred.  Her sweet disposition makes her such a delight!  She is always the lady, so gentle and easy going.  Magnolia is a lovely red doe that just glistens with beautiful general appearance who catches the eye as she moves about the ring with an air of grace.  She is very sharp in the withers and excels in dairy character having very fine and pliable skin.    She is deep in the barrel and like most of the Doctor Luke daughters, Magnolia has an extremely wide and level rump and excellent topline. Her udder is well attached overall, having a high, wide rear, smoothly blended fore, and correct teat placement. Magnolia descends on her sire’s side from two National Reserve Champions, GCH Price O The Field Princess and GCH Price O The Field Dutchess.  On her dam’s side she descends from CH Price O The Field Sage who classified 90 at 10 years of age.   We were pleased when Magnolia placed 4th in the large aged doe class, she stood right behind several beautiful does including the 2007 and 2008 Reserve National Champion and the 2006 National Champion who were in that same class.    Her son Triumph appraises 92EEE and is one of our herdsires.  A daughter CH Pruittville’s Snap Dragon 92EEEE is also a beautiful doe who was the 4th place 3 year old at the 2010 National Show.  She also had a daugther Pruittville’s HF Mayflower who appraised 91EEEE in Janie Martin’s herd in Texas! PRUITTVILLE’S HF PEPPER  DOB 02/09/2006

Sire: Pruittville’s Huckleberry Finn
       SS: GCH Price O The Field Royal Marcus 93EEE
       SD: SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 3*M 92EEEE
Dam: Pruittville’s Pepperoni
       DS: Wildwood SN Tornado
       DD: Pruittville’s St. Chive
 We are indebted to Jan Ham of Owl Ridge Farms for taking such wonderful care of Pepper.  Jan graciously agreed to allow Pepper and Raspberry to come back home to be a part of our herd again.  Although Jan doesn’t show, she did have Pepper appraised and we are so pleased with her excellent score.   Pepper is an excellent milker with barn records with a high test of 15 pounds and 14 ounces!
We have her daughter Cayenne Pepper who has already won her Junior Leg and is sired by Kastdemur’s Show And Tell


DOB 03/03/2007

Sire:  CH Pruittville’s Doctor Luke 91EEE
       SS: *B Price O The Field Luke
       SD: GCH Price O The Field Dutch Belle 5*M HES 90
Dam: Pruittville’s Brown Sugar
          (littermate to Huckberry Frost)
       DS: GCH Price O The Field Royal Marcus 93EEE
       DD: SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 92EEEE
We are indebted to Jan Ham of Owl Ridge Farms for taking such wonderful care of Berry.  Jan graciously agreed to allow Pepper and Raspberry to come back home to be a part of our herd again.  Although Jan doesn’t show, she did have Raspberry appraised and we are so pleased with her Very Good score.   Berry is an excellent milker with barn records with her high test being 17 pounds and 12 ounces.
Berry is the littermate sister to Pruittville’s Luke’s Tiramisu who produced two of our Champion does, CH Pruittville’s Caramel Corn and CH Pruittville’s Java Chiller.   Berry has been bred to Pruittville’s Easy Money (full sister to Lantana).  A doe from this breeding is ORF Mayberry who appraised 02-05 89EEEE  as first freshener.  We are excited about having Berry back home and the opportunity to have kids from this breeding.
GCH PRUITTVILLE’S N/E SUGAR BABY    1*M 03-10 90VEEV DOB 11/01/2007  G6S Normal  YSA Extremely Correct sugarbabyN10 Sire: Kastdemur’s Next Expedition SS: SG +*B Kastdemur’s LE Exacta SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Next Exit EX90   Dam: Pruittville’s Brown Sugar DS: CH Price O The Field Royal Marcus 93EEE DD:  SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 3*M 92EEEE   National Show wins: ~9th Place 2 year old   Sugar Baby has a lovely mammary that is well attached, being very high and wide with excellent teat placement to go with that beautiful general appearance and that just completes the package.   She is a very long bodied, tall upstanding doe – in fact one of the tallest and longest does in the herd.  She has beautiful breed character about the head and is a dairy doe who milks well.  Sugar Baby was first in her class and was Champion  and Best Of Breed and Best of Show at the Spring show at Raymond, MS in 2010.   Sugar Baby became a permanent Champion at the Conway Arkansas Show with 2 Best Of Breed and 2 Best In Shows!   Her dam, Brown Sugar was the full sister to GCH Pruittville’s Huckberry Frost 91VEEE.  We lost Brown Sugar to a case of chronic mastitis.   Sugar Baby has a daughter in the herd, Sugar Candy who is a beautiful upcoming doe.   In 2012 Sugar Baby was entered in the milking competition at Little Rock and earned her milk star.  She milked 9.5 pounds of milk, 4.8% butterfat and 3.19% protein.
SGCH PRUITTVILLE’S HUCKLEBERRY 3*M 92EEEE image006   DOB: 2/3/98 Sire: +*B Heatherwood Clover’s Saint HES 90EEE SS: Gch ++*B Bar W Santana J LA83 DD: Gch Flora Farm Clover 11 1*M LA88VVVE   Dam: GCH Pruittville’s E/A Strawberry 2*M FS90 VEEE DS: CH *B Blissmoor’s A/Pan Empire DD: GCH Seabag Pruitt’s Angela Renee 1*M FS90 VEEE National Show Placings ~  3rd place 4 year old, 2nd place udder ~  5th place 5&6 year old   Huckleberry is without a doubt one of the best does we have bred.   She is a favorite in our herd having such a sweet disposition.  Always the lady, Huckleberry welcomes every visitor to our farm while shamelessly begging for attention.  She is a very long, extremely tall and powerful doe who excels in dairy character. Her mammary is high and wide with a far extending fore. She also has lots of nice side attachments.  She has been Best of Breed and Best In Show many times.  She will be 11 years of age this Spring and remarkably managing the position of herdqueen as she walks on excellent feet and legs. In 2002 we took Huckleberry to the Nationals and she was injured just before we reached our destination.  We had stopped inNew Mexico about 5 hours from Pueblo, CO and she was fine.  We milked her and put her and the others back into the trailer.  Just hours away from the fair grounds, we hit a huge bump in a construction area.  When we arrived four hours later, Huckleberry’s right knee had swelled as large as an orange.  She was the only animal injured.   We treated her from Saturday through Wednesday without much success.  Judge Sam Whiteside put her third place with second udder, but said on video, “My heart is set on this 3rd place animal, she is the one I wanted to place first, but with her injured knee it is as high as I can place her today.”   Later, in a private conversation, he told me he would have certainly considered her for National Champion.  The next year at the ’03 Nationals, Huckleberry placed 5th in her class as a 5 year old, even with a slight case of mastitis. We have in our herd two sons, Legend 92EEE and Pruittville’s Explorer 89VEE.  Her daughter, CH Pruittville’s Huckberry Frost 91VEEE was the 4th place, 2 year old at the ’06 Nationals and in 08 Nationals was the 4th place 4 year old with 2nd udder.  A daughter who is showing great promise is Razzberry 88VEEE (yearling score) sired by Kastdemur’s Next Expedition.  Razzberry was 10th place Junior Yearling at the 08 Nationals and has won her dry leg.   She now freshened with an excellent udder and appraised 88VEEE.  At the Spring shows, Razzberry won Grand and the Best Of Breed – so she now has 2 legs to her championship.   Another son, Pruittville’s Tom Sawyer sired some beautiful offspring at the Risslers of Price O The Field Nubians as their herd sire.
GCH Pruittville’s Pretty Posie 1*M  LA 90VEEE posie   Sire: CH Easy Stream Mister Charm LA88VEE SS: Easy Stream Moses SD: CH Easy Stream Lucky Charm HES90 Dam: Pruittville’s Crimson Clover DS: GCH +*B Heatherwood’s Clover’s Saint HES90 DD: CH Price O The Field Sage FS90 DOB 04/16/1999 National show Placings: – 2003 8th place 3 year old – 2004 8th place 4 year old – 2006 3rd place produce of dam – 2008 3rd place produce of dam   At nearly 9 years of age Posie crossed the rainbow bridge after kidding.  Thankfully, we have her last kid, Pruittville’s Posie’s Promise (sired by Kastdemur’s Next Expedition) and two other daughters in the herd to continue on her legacy. It was exciting to see Promise obtain her junior leg and then go on to place 1st in the Junior Kid class at the 08 Nationals in Louisville. Other daughters in the herd who also carry on her great genetics are CH Pruittville’s Nantucket 92EEEE and CH Pruittville’s Honeysuckle 92EEEE.  Posie was a lovely red doe with white ears. She had lots of width throughout with a lovely mammary that was well attached, the type that we all love to see on our dairy goats.  Consistent in milk production, she put the milk in the pail!  And that she did well with long lactations. Posie placed in the top ten in her class twice at the Nationals.  She was the 8th place 3 year old and the 8th place 4 year old in the 2002 and 2003 Nationals.  Posie reproduced herself well, passing on her wonderful traits.   Nantucket and Honeysuckle represented their dam well at the ’06 and ’08 National Shows where Posie placed 3rd in the produce of dam class both times. She also has another daughter in the herd, GCH Pruittville’s Posie’s Promise 91VEEE who is another outstanding doe.
CH Pruittville’s Nantucket 92EEEE  – Deceased   Sire:  Price O The Field Lizzie’s Rex SS: GCH ++*B Price O The Field Duncan Image DD: GCH Price O The Field Lizzie   Dam: GCH Pruittville’s Pretty Posie 1*M 90VEEE DS: CH Easy Stream Mister Charm 88VEE DD: Pruittville’s Crimson Clover National Show placing: – 2004 3rd place Senior Yearling – 2006 3rd place 4 year old – 3rd udder -2008 2nd place 5&6 year old DOB: 3/24/2002 Nantucket was an elegant, classy doe who excels in dairy character, strength of topline and stands on strong feet and legs.  She was sharp in the withers, deep in the barrel, and has fine skin, and a long lean neck.  She has a wide level rump and correct angulation in the rear legs.  It was for these qualities that she was 3rd place Senior yearling at the National show in Des Moines and again 3rd place four year old (3rd udder) at the National show in ’06.  Also in 2008, Nantucket was 2nd place 5&6 year old after kidding with quad bucks!   Nantucket has a very nice mammary with teats correctly placed on the udder floor and was twice Best Udder in Show in ’07.   Nantucket is affectionate, easy going and friendly and just loves to receive special attention. At the 2006 and the 2008 Nationals, CH Pruittville’s Nantucket 92EEEE and her maternal sister CH Pruittville’s Honeysuckle 91EEVE made up the 3rd place produce of dam class for their dam GCH Pruittville’s Posie 1*M Ex90!  Their baby sister, Posie’s Promise was the National Show’s 1st place Nubian Junior Yearling. Nantucket’s 2006 daughter, Lantana sired by Pruittville’s Legend was Grand and Best Junior Doe In Show under Judge Annette Maze who exclaimed, “This doe is a breeder’s dream and a competitor’s nightmare.”  As Annette made her Best Junior Doe In Show, she asked the audience to look at the highest, widest escutcheon she had ever seen on a kid.  Lantana is now a first freshener and has a fantastic mammary.  We are repeating this breeding that produced Lantana for 2009. Nantucket is the dam of Pruittville’s Dakota one of our junior herdsires.
5x7.Pruitt.3171 Nantucket1365 (Small) Nantucketws
CHPRUITTVILLE’S SWEET GARDENIA  91VEEE; 90VEEE Gardeniaadga08 Sire: *B Pruittville’s Legend EX 90VEE SS: Wildwood SN Tornado 87VEV SD:  GCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 92EEEE   Dam: Pruittville’s Charming Pansie 88EEVV DS: CH Easy Stream Mister Charm 88VEE DD: CH Pruittville’s Magnolia EX91EEEE   DOB: 4/13/04 National Show Wins ~  13th place 4 year old Gardenia is an elegant doe who is a just little smaller than her herdmates. Being a little shorter in stature really surprised us, because her sire is extremely tall and long-bodied.  However, Gardenia is really just a perfect package, being a very well balanced throughout.   The appraiser noted how she is deepening in the barrel and appraised her excellent in dairy character, body and mammary.   Gardenia stands on excellent feet and legs and has a beautiful, almost flawless topline.  She has beautiful, long neck that flows smoothly into her shoulders.  Her mammary is very high and wide with a lovely smooth fore udder.  Her dam was a beautiful doe who appraised 88 as a two year old.  In the two Spring 07 shows that we attended, Gardenia was 2nd two times and 2 X Reserve Grand, each time standing behind her herdmate, CH Pruittville’s Honeysuckle.  Both Judges commented as she was chosen as Reserve Champion, “Same beautiful doe, same beautiful udder, so well balanced but just a little shorter.”  In 2008 she won all the required Champion legs.  Gardenia is now enjoying a new home with Troy and Michelle Gasaway!  We hope they enjoy owning her as much as we did.